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If we don’t support our own brands, who will?


The Thievery loves to collaborate with local creatives and share their stories.


Supporting local is important to us because it means encouraging our local artists to pursue what they love and in turn, helping to sustain a vibrant and original arts scene for our children.


Check out some of the most quirky and creative local artisans we know in this space.


The Thievery meets Plato the French bulldog!


A special bundle deal! Pick your favourite piece from The Thievery. Wear it to read "Plato and the Missing Bed", a children’s picture book designed to delight and inspire little ones to care and share.


$1 from this limited edition collaboration goes to a Singapore animal charity, Voices for Animals.


Follow the life of Plato



*Promo codes do not apply for this bundle.


“The illustration of our galaxy, the Milky Way, is to spark curiosity in the little ones and reflect their wild imagination with a wordplay on the milk that they drink.” – Mirxey, Local Artist


Check out Mirxey’s art projects

@mirxeyy and

THE THIEVERY x Asprigofthewoods

“Inspired by my existential experience with the wild, I often imagine myself as a sprig of woods – A single tiny living thing in a big world, listening, watching, growing. This one’s for you little sprigs, grow on, little trees.”

Jaslyn, Explorer


Follow Jaslyn’s adventures into the wild @asprigofthewoods

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